Chapter 11.118 RCW



HTMLPDF 11.118.005PurposeIntent.
HTMLPDF 11.118.010Definition.
HTMLPDF 11.118.020Validity of animal trust.
HTMLPDF 11.118.030Use of trust principal or income.
HTMLPDF 11.118.040Termination of trust.
HTMLPDF 11.118.050Enforcement of trust provisions.
HTMLPDF 11.118.060Accounting requirements.
HTMLPDF 11.118.070Appointment and removal of trustee.
HTMLPDF 11.118.080Construction of trust language.
HTMLPDF 11.118.090Application of rule against perpetuitiesEffective date of trust.
HTMLPDF 11.118.100Trustee powers.
HTMLPDF 11.118.110Application of chapter.