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Compliance audit.

The section shall administer a compliance audit at least once annually for each prosecuting attorney, district and municipal court, and originating agency to ensure that all disposition reports have been received and added to the criminal history record information described in RCW 43.43.705. The section shall identify criminal history record information for which no disposition report has been received and has been outstanding for one year or longer since the date of arrest. Each open arrest shall be researched for a final disposition by section staff or the criminal justice agency shall be furnished a list of outstanding disposition reports for criminal history record information of persons who were arrested or against whom charges were filed by that agency. Each criminal justice agency shall provide the section with a current disposition report or status within sixty days of receipt of notification of open arrest. Cases pending prosecution shall be considered outstanding dispositions in the compliance audit. The results of compliance audits shall be published annually and distributed to legislative committees dealing with criminal justice issues, the office of financial management, and criminal justice agencies and associations.
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