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Peace officers duty to intervene.

(1) Any identifiable on-duty peace officer who witnesses another peace officer engaging or attempting to engage in the use of excessive force against another person shall intervene when in a position to do so to end the use of excessive force or attempted use of excessive force, or to prevent the further use of excessive force. A peace officer shall also render aid at the earliest safe opportunity in accordance with RCW 36.28A.445, to any person injured as a result of the use of force.
(2) Any identifiable on-duty peace officer who witnesses any wrongdoing committed by another peace officer, or has a good faith reasonable belief that another peace officer committed wrongdoing, shall report such wrongdoing to the witnessing officer's supervisor or other supervisory peace officer in accordance with the witnessing peace officer's employing agency's policies and procedures for reporting such acts committed by a peace officer.
(3) A member of a law enforcement agency shall not discipline or retaliate in any way against a peace officer for intervening in good faith or for reporting wrongdoing in good faith as required by this section.
(4) A law enforcement agency shall send notice to the criminal justice training commission of any disciplinary decision resulting from a peace officer's failure to intervene or failure to report as required by this section to determine whether the officer's conduct may be grounds for suspension or revocation of certification under RCW 43.101.105.
(5) For purposes of this section:
(a) "Excessive force" means force that exceeds the force permitted by law or policy of the witnessing officer's agency.
(b) "Peace officer" refers to any general authority Washington peace officer.
(c) "Wrongdoing" means conduct that is contrary to law or contrary to the policies of the witnessing officer's agency, provided that the conduct is not de minimis or technical in nature.
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