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Strip, body cavity searchesWritten record required, contentsUnnecessary persons prohibited.

(1) A written record of any strip search shall be maintained in the individual file of each person strip searched.
(2) With respect to any strip search conducted under RCW 10.79.140, the record shall contain the following information:
(a) The name of the supervisor authorizing the strip search;
(b) The specific facts constituting reasonable suspicion to believe that the strip search was necessary;
(c) The name and serial number of the officer conducting the strip search and of all other persons present or observing during any part of the strip search;
(d) The time, date, and place of the strip search; and
(e) Any weapons, criminal evidence, contraband, or other thing, or health condition discovered as a result of the strip search.
(3) With respect to any strip search conducted under RCW 10.79.130(2), the record shall contain, in addition to the offense or offenses for which the person searched was arrested, the information required by subsection (2)(c), (d), and (e) of this section.
(4) The record may be included or incorporated in existing forms used by the facility, including the booking form required under the Washington Administrative Code. A notation of the name of the person strip searched shall also be entered in the log of daily activities or other chronological record, if any, maintained pursuant to the Washington Administrative Code.
(5) Except at the request of the person to be searched, no person may be present or observe during the strip search unless necessary to conduct the search.
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