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Clinical intervention specialists.

(1) Subject to the security and background investigation requirements of the jail, jails shall allow clinical intervention specialists to have access to individuals who are referred to receive services under this chapter and to all records relating to the health or conduct of the individual while incarcerated. Clinical intervention specialists shall support jail health services in providing direct services, enhanced oversight and monitoring of the behavioral health status of participating individuals. Clinical intervention specialists shall work collaboratively with jail health services to ensure appropriate prescriptions, medication compliance monitoring, and access to supportive behavioral health services to the individuals. Clinical intervention specialists shall coordinate with forensic navigators and the department to assist forensic navigators in making recommendations for appropriate placements, which may include recommendations for participation in an outpatient competency restoration program or a diversion program designed for the needs of the individual. The clinical intervention specialist shall notify the department if a participating individual appears to have stabilized in their behavioral health such that a new competency evaluation is appropriate to reassess the individual's need for competency restoration treatment.
(2) The department shall establish a memorandum of understanding and any contracts needed with the jail to address the terms and conditions of allowing access to defendants and their records subject to the requirements of this section.


Findings2023 c 453: See note following RCW 10.77.060.
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