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Responsibility for costsReimbursement.

(1) Within amounts appropriated, the department shall be responsible for all costs relating to the evaluation and inpatient treatment of persons committed to it pursuant to any provisions of this chapter, and the logistical and supportive services pertaining thereto except as otherwise provided by law. Reimbursement may be obtained by the department pursuant to RCW 43.20B.330.
(2) Within amounts appropriated, the authority shall be responsible for all costs relating to outpatient competency restoration programs.
(3) The office of public defense shall be responsible for costs of public defense services, including defense expert and professional services, for indigent persons acquitted by reason of insanity throughout the term of their commitment to state psychiatric care, including during any period of conditional release, until legal termination of commitment and final unconditional release.


IntentEffective date2023 c 120: See notes following RCW 2.70.027.
Savings1987 c 75: See RCW 43.20B.900.
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