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Care and treatment of committed personHearingsRelease.

(1) The secretary shall provide adequate care and individualized treatment to persons found criminally insane at one or several of the state institutions or facilities under the direction and control of the secretary. In order that the secretary may adequately determine the nature of the mental illness or developmental disability of the person committed as criminally insane, all persons who are committed to the secretary as criminally insane shall be promptly examined by qualified personnel in order to provide a proper evaluation and diagnosis of such individual. The examinations of all persons with developmental disabilities committed under this chapter shall be performed by developmental disabilities professionals. Any person so committed shall not be released from the control of the secretary except by order of a court of competent jurisdiction made after a hearing and judgment of release.
(2) Whenever there is a hearing which the committed person is entitled to attend, the secretary shall send the person in the custody of one or more department employees to the county in which the hearing is to be held at the time the case is called for trial. During the time the person is absent from the facility, the person may be confined in a facility designated by and arranged for by the department, but shall at all times be deemed to be in the custody of the department employee and provided necessary treatment. If the decision of the hearing remits the person to custody, the department employee shall return the person to such institution or facility designated by the secretary. If the state appeals an order of release, such appeal shall operate as a stay, and the person shall remain in custody and be returned to the institution or facility designated by the secretary until a final decision has been rendered in the cause.
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