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Cost bills in felony casesPayment.

Upon the receipt of the cost bill, as provided for in the preceding section, the county auditor shall draw warrants for the amounts due each person, as certified in said cost bill, which warrants shall be paid as other county warrants are paid. On receipt of the certified copy of said cost bill, the administrator for the courts shall examine and audit said bill and allow the payment by the state of statutorily required witness fees in cases where conviction of a felony is obtained and the defendant is sentenced to pay a fine or is given a prison sentence even if the sentence is deferred or suspended. Payment shall be allowed by the administrator for the courts in such cases even when the conviction is subsequently reversed or if a new trial is granted.
[ 1979 c 129 § 2; 1883 p 35 § 1; Code 1881 § 2107; 1873 p 250 § 316; RRS § 2229.]
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