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Advising county prosecuting attorneyFiling and prosecution of informationsExpenses of prosecutions.

(1) The special prosecutor shall advise the county prosecuting attorney in any affected county of the nature of the statewide special inquiry judge investigation and of any informations arising from such proceedings unless such disclosures will create a substantial likelihood of a conflict of interest for the county prosecuting attorney.
(2) The special prosecutor may file and prosecute an information in the county where proper venue lies, after having advised the county prosecuting attorney as provided in this section and determined that such prosecuting attorney does not intend to do so, or pursuant to an agreement between them that the special prosecutor shall do so.
(3) Informations filed and prosecuted pursuant to this chapter shall meet the requirements of chapter 10.37 RCW.
(4) The expenses of prosecutions initiated and maintained by the special prosecutor shall be paid as part of the statewide special inquiry judge program as provided in *RCW 10.29.090.


*Reviser's note: RCW 10.29.090 was repealed by 2009 c 560 § 24.
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