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Change of venueProcedure.

The defendant may show to the court, by affidavit, that he or she believes he or she cannot receive a fair trial in the county where the action is pending, owing to the prejudice of the judge, or to excitement or prejudice against the defendant in the county or some part thereof, and may thereupon demand to be tried in another county. The application shall not be granted on the ground of excitement or prejudice other than prejudice of the judge, unless the affidavit of the defendant be supported by other evidence, nor in any case unless the judge is satisfied the ground upon which the application is made does exist.
[ 2010 c 8 § 1017; 1891 c 28 § 7; Code 1881 § 1072; 1854 p 117 § 98; RRS § 2018.]
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