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Publication of codeSpecificationsCertificate of compliance.

The committee shall from time to time formulate specifications relative to the format, size and style of type, paper stock, number of volumes, method and quality of binding, contents, indexing, and general scope and character of footnotes, and annotations, if any, for any publication for general use of the revised code and supplements thereto. No such publication or the contents thereof, other than such temporary edition as may expressly be authorized by the legislature, shall be received as evidence of the laws of this state unless it complies with such specifications of the committee as are current at the time of publication, including compliance with the section numbering adopted by the reviser under supervision of the statute law committee. If a publication complies with such specifications, the committee shall furnish a certificate of such compliance, executed on behalf of the committee by its chair, to the publisher, and the certificate shall be reproduced at the beginning of each such volume or supplement.
Upon request of any publisher in good faith interested in publishing said code, the committee shall furnish a copy of its current specifications and shall not during the process of any bona fide publication of said code or supplements modify any such specifications, if such modification would result in added expense or material inconvenience to the publisher, without written concurrence therein by such publisher.
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