Chapter 1.04 RCW



HTMLPDF 1.04.010Revised Code of Washington enacted.
HTMLPDF 1.04.0131950 Supplement enacted.
HTMLPDF 1.04.014Numbering system adoptedApplication.
HTMLPDF 1.04.015Numbering new sections, chaptersCorrections.
HTMLPDF 1.04.016Expansion of numbering systemDecimal factor.
HTMLPDF 1.04.020Code as evidence of the lawRule of constructionEffect of amendment.
HTMLPDF 1.04.021Rule of constructionPrima facie law.
HTMLPDF 1.04.030New laws to be added to code.
HTMLPDF 1.04.040Code may be cited as "RCW."


Code reviser: Chapter 1.08 RCW.
Legislature to amend or repeal laws by reference to code numbers: RCW 1.08.050.
Statute law committee: Chapter 1.08 RCW.