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WAC 458-20-218

Agency filings affecting this section

Advertising agencies.

Advertising agencies are primarily engaged in the business of rendering professional services, but may also make sales of tangible personal property to their clients or others or make purchases of such articles as agents in behalf of their clients. Articles acquired or produced by advertising agencies may be for their own use in connection with the rendition of an advertising service or may be for resale as tangible personal property to their clients.
Business and Occupation (B&O) Tax
The gross income received for advertising services, including commissions or discounts received upon articles purchased as agents in behalf of clients, is taxable under the service and other business activities B&O tax classification. (See WAC 458-20-144 for discounts or commissions allowed by printers.) Included in this classification are amounts attributable to sales of tangible personal property, unless charges for such articles are separately stated in billings rendered to clients.
The retailing or wholesaling classification B&O tax applies to articles of tangible personal property sold to persons for whom no advertising service is rendered and also to charges to clients for such articles if separately stated from charges for advertising services in billings rendered.
The manufacturing classification applies to articles manufactured for sale or commercial or industrial use (see WAC 458-20-134), and also to interstate sales of manufactured articles separately stated from advertising services. (General principles covering sales or services to persons in other states are contained in WAC 458-20-193.)
Retail Sales Tax
The retail sales tax applies upon all sales of plates, engravings, electrotypes, etchings, mats, and other articles to advertising agencies for use by them in rendering an advertising service and not resold to clients.
The retail sales tax must be paid by advertising agencies to vendors upon retail purchases made by them as agent in behalf of clients.
Advertising agencies are required to collect the retail sales tax upon charges taxable under the retailing B&O tax classification. Advertising agencies must provide a resale certificate for purchases made before January 1, 2010, or a reseller permit for purchases made on or after January 1, 2010, to the vendor to document the wholesale nature of any sale as provided in WAC 458-20-102A (Resale certificates) and WAC 458-20-102 (Reseller permits). Even though resale certificates are no longer used after December 31, 2009, they must be kept on file by the vendor for five years from the date of last use or December 31, 2014.
Use Tax
The use tax applies upon the use of articles purchased or manufactured for use in rendering an advertising service. Articles acquired without payment of retail sales tax which are resold to clients, but not separately stated from charges for advertising service, are also subject to use tax.
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