Chapter 392-190 WAC

Last Update: 5/29/13


WAC Sections

PurposeElimination of unlawful discrimination in public schools.
Counseling and guidance servicesCareer opportunitiesInternal procedures.
Counseling and guidanceSex discriminationDuty of certificated and classroom personnelCoordination of effort.
In-service trainingBias awareness.
Recreational and athletic activities.
Recreational and athleticSex discriminationEqual opportunitiesSeparate teams.
GeneralRecreational and athletic activitiesSex discriminationEqual opportunity factors considered.
Recreational and athletic activitiesElementary and secondary level.
Recreational and athletic activitiesSex discriminationStudent interestRequired survey instrument.
Recreational and athletic activitiesSex discriminationFacilities.
Course offerings—Generally—Separate sessions or groupsWhen permissible.
Textbooks and instructional materials—Scope—Elimination of bias.
Sexual harassmentDefinitions.
Sexual harassment policyAdoption dateRequired criteria.
Sexual harassmentProcedures.
Harassment, intimidation, and bullying prevention policy and procedureAdoption date.
Public school employment and contract practicesNondiscrimination.
Public school employmentAffirmative action program.
ComplianceLocal school districtDesignation of responsible employeeNotification.
ComplianceComplaint procedureDistrict superintendent.
ComplianceAppeal procedureLocal school board.
ComplianceContested caseDuty of the superintendent of public instruction.
MonitoringDuty of the superintendent of public instruction.
Monitoring resultsCompliance.
Monitoring resultsComplaints issued by superintendent of public instruction.
Complaints issued by superintendent of public instructionAppeal procedure.
Compliance—Violations—Permissible sanctions.
Concurrent remediesOther remedies.
Informing citizens about complaint procedures.