Chapter 208-512A WAC

Last Update: 1/8/13


WAC Sections

Promulgation of rules.
Findings and purpose.
"Loans and extensions of credit" and "contractual commitment to advance funds"Defined.
Other general chapter definitions.
Applicability of chapter.
General limitation on loans and extensions of credit.
Exception to general limitationLoans and extensions of credit fully secured by readily marketable collateral.
Exception to general limitationNonconforming loans.
Exception to general limitationDeclining capitalInability to otherwise effectively operate in marketplaceDirector discretion.
Exception to general limitationExtenuating facts and circumstancesStandards for division determinationDirector of banks' discretion.
Renewals and additional advances under a contractual commitment to advance fundsProject funding.
Special ruleDiscount of commercial or business paper.
Special rulePurchase of bankers' acceptances.
Special ruleReadily marketable staples.
Special ruleU.S. bonds, notes, certificates of indebtedness, or treasury bills, etc.
Special ruleUnconditional takeout commitments or guarantees of federal government.
Special ruleSegregated deposit account in lender bank.
Special ruleSale of bank's assetsUnpaid portion of purchase price.
Special ruleDiscount of negotiable or nonnegotiable installment consumer paper.
Combining loans and extensions of credit made to separate personsGenerally.
Loans to partnerships, joint ventures, and associations.
Loans to limited liability companies.
Loans to subsidiaries and corporate groups.
Computation of timeCalculation date of lending limits.
Credit exposure arising from derivative transactions.
Securities financing transactions.
Policies and procedures related to derivative transactions, etc.
Effect of OCC rules, interpretations and opinions as guidance.
Loans and extensions of credit to insiders and their immediate family.
Transitional rules.