Chapter 6.13 RCW


RCW Sections

6.13.010Homestead, what constitutes -- "Owner," "net value" defined.
6.13.020Homestead -- What may constitute.
6.13.030Homestead exemption limited.
6.13.040Automatic homestead exemption -- Conditions -- Declaration of homestead -- Declaration of abandonment.
6.13.050Homestead presumed abandoned, when -- Declaration of nonabandonment.
6.13.060Conveyance or encumbrance by spouses or domestic partners.
6.13.070Homestead exempt from execution, when -- Presumed valid.
6.13.080Homestead exemption, when not available.
6.13.090Judgment against homestead owner -- Lien on excess value of homestead property.
6.13.100Execution against homestead -- Application for appointment of appraiser.
6.13.110Application under RCW 6.13.100 must be made by verified petition -- Contents.
6.13.130Hearing -- Appointment of appraiser.
6.13.140Appraiser -- Oath -- Duties.
6.13.150Division of homestead.
6.13.160Sale, if not divisible.
6.13.170Application of proceeds.
6.13.180Money from sale protected.
6.13.190Appraiser -- Compensation.
6.13.210Alienation in case of incompetency or disability of either spouse or either domestic partner.
6.13.220Notice of application for order.
6.13.240Order -- Effect.


Lien for assessments in favor of condominium association: RCW 64.34.364(2).