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RCW 48.43.215

Report of a material acquisition or disposition of assets—Information required.

(1) The following information is required to be disclosed in any report of a material acquisition or disposition of assets:
(a) Date of the transaction;
(b) Manner of acquisition or disposition;
(c) Description of the assets involved;
(d) Nature and amount of the consideration given or received;
(e) Purpose of or reason for the transaction;
(f) Manner by which the amount of consideration was determined;
(g) Gain or loss recognized or realized as a result of the transaction; and
(h) Names of the persons from whom the assets were acquired or to whom they were disposed.
(2) Certified health plans are required to report material acquisitions and dispositions on a nonconsolidated basis unless the certified health plan is part of a consolidated group of insurers that utilizes a pooling arrangement or one hundred percent reinsurance agreement that affects the solvency and integrity of the certified health plan's reserves and such certified health plan ceded substantially all of its direct and assumed business to the pool. A certified health plan has ceded substantially all of its direct and assumed business to a pool if the certified health plan has less than one million dollars total direct plus assumed written premiums during a calendar year that are not subject to a pooling arrangement and the net income of the business not subject to the pooling arrangement represents less than five percent of the certified health plan's net worth.
[1995 c 86 § 10.]