Chapter 46.63 RCW


RCW Sections

46.63.010Legislative intent.
46.63.020Violations as traffic infractions -- Exceptions.
46.63.030Notice of traffic infraction -- Issuance -- Abandoned vehicles.
46.63.040Jurisdiction of courts -- Jurisdiction of college and university governing bodies.
46.63.050Training of judicial officers.
46.63.060Notice of traffic infraction -- Determination final unless contested -- Form.
46.63.070Response to notice -- Contesting determination -- Hearing -- Failure to respond or appear.
46.63.073Rental vehicles.
46.63.075Safety camera infractions -- Presumption.
46.63.080Hearings -- Rules of procedure -- Counsel.
46.63.090Hearings -- Contesting determination that infraction committed -- Appeal.
46.63.100Hearings -- Explanation of mitigating circumstances.
46.63.105City attorney, county prosecutor, or other prosecuting authority -- Filing an infraction -- Contribution, donation, payment.
46.63.110Monetary penalties.
46.63.120Order of court -- Civil nature -- Waiver, reduction, suspension of penalty -- Community restitution.
46.63.130Issue of process by court of limited jurisdiction.
46.63.140Presumption regarding stopped, standing, or parked vehicles.
46.63.151Costs and attorney fees.
46.63.160Photo toll systems -- Civil penalties for nonpayment of tolls -- System requirements -- Rules.
46.63.170Automated traffic safety cameras -- Definition.
46.63.180Automated school bus safety cameras -- Definition.


Additional statutory assessments: RCW 3.62.090, 46.64.055.

Traffic and civil infraction cases involving juveniles under age sixteen: RCW 13.40.250.