Chapter 36.68 RCW


Counties may establish park and playground systemsDisposition of surplus park property.
Programs of public recreation.
Park and recreation boardComposition.
Park and recreation boardTerms of members.
Park and recreation boardRemoval of membersVacancies.
Park and recreation boardPowers and duties.
Park and recreation fund.
Penalty for violations of regulations.
Counties authorized to build, improve, operate and maintain, etc., parks, playgrounds, gymnasiums, swimming pools, beaches, stadiums, golf courses, etc., and other recreational facilitiesRegulationCharges for use.
Moorage facilitiesRegulations authorizedPort charges, delinquencyAbandoned vessels, public sale.
Counties authorized to permit public libraries on land used for park and recreation purposes.
Community athletics programsSex discrimination prohibited.
Creation authorizedPurposesTaxing districtsPowers.
May be initiated by resolution or petition.
Resolution or petitionContents.
PetitionsVerification of signatures.
Feasibility and cost studiesPublic hearingNotice.
Hearing procedureInclusion of propertyExamination of reportsRecess.
Findings of county commissionersDismissal of proceedings, limitation on subsequent initiation.
Resolution ordering electionElection procedureFormation.
Property tax levies or bond retirement leviesElection.
Annual excess levy or bond retirement leviesElection procedureVote required.
Resolution declaring formationTreasurerDisbursement procedure.
Local service area fund.
Annual excess property tax levyGeneral obligation bonds.
Six-year regular property tax leviesLimitationsElection.
Community revitalization financingPublic improvements.
BudgetsAppropriationsAccumulation of reserves.
Use and admission fees and charges.
Eminent domain.
Use of fundsPurchases.
Ownership of parks and facilitiesExpenditure of funds budgeted for park purposes.
PurposeLevel of servicesGeneral park programs.
Use of park and recreation service area funds in exercise of powers enumerated in chapter 67.20 RCW.
Area which may be includedInclusion of area within city or townProcedure.
Enlargement by inclusion of additional areaProcedure.
Acquisition of interests in land for conservation, protection, preservation, or open space purposes by counties: RCW 64.04.130.
Contracts with community service organizations for public improvements: RCW 35.21.278.
Executory conditional sales contracts for purchase of property for park and library purposes: RCW 39.30.010.
Outdoor recreation land acquisition or improvement under marine recreation land act: Chapter 79A.25 RCW.
Parks, bathing beaches, public camps, county may acquire and operate: Chapter 67.20 RCW.
RCW 39.33.060 to govern on sales by water-sewer district for park and recreational purposes: RCW 57.08.140.
State parks and recreation commission: Chapter 79A.05 RCW.
Transfer of real property or contract for use for park and recreational purposes: RCW 39.33.060.
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