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RCW 28A.320.240

School library media programs — Stocking of libraries — Teacher-librarians.

(1) The purpose of this section is to identify quality criteria for school library media programs that support the student learning goals under RCW 28A.150.210, the essential academic learning requirements under RCW 28A.655.070, and high school graduation requirements adopted under RCW 28A.230.090.

     (2) Every board of directors shall provide for the operation and stocking of such libraries as the board deems necessary for the proper education of the district's students or as otherwise required by law or rule of the superintendent of public instruction.

     (3) "Teacher-librarian" means a certified teacher with a library media endorsement under rules adopted by the professional educator standards board.

     (4) "School-library media program" means a school-based program that is staffed by a certificated teacher-librarian and provides a variety of resources that support student mastery of the essential academic learning requirements in all subject areas and the implementation of the district's school improvement plan.

     (5) The teacher-librarian, through the school-library media program, shall collaborate as an instructional partner to help all students meet the content goals in all subject areas, and assist high school students completing high school and beyond plans required for graduation.

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