Title 27 RCW


State library.
Public libraries.
Library capital facility areas.
Interstate library compact.
State law library.
County law libraries.
State historical societiesHistoric preservation.
Thomas Burke Memorial Washington State Museum of University of Washington.
Indian graves and records.
Preservation of historical materials.
Archaeological sites and resources.
Chapter not to apply to certain materials printed in library or library district: RCW 82.04.600.
City libraries: RCW 35.22.280.
Highway advertising control act of 1961: Chapter 47.42 RCW.
Incorporation of libraries and scientific societies: Chapter 24.03 RCW.
LibrariansQualifications and certification: RCW 27.04.055.
Periodicals, postage, purchase by public agenciesManner of payment: RCW 42.24.035.
Power of cities and towns to acquire art museums, auditoriums, etc.: RCW 35.21.020.
Public bodies may retain collection agencies to collect public debtsFees: RCW 19.16.500.
State publications distribution center: Chapter 40.06 RCW.
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