Chapter 11.12 RCW


Who may make a will.
Requisites of willsForeign wills.
Nuncupative wills.
Signature of testator at his or her directionSignature by mark.
Revocation of willHow effectedEffect on codicils.
Dissolution, invalidation, or termination of marriage or domestic partnership.
Agreement to convey does not revoke.
Devise or bequeathal of property subject to encumbrance.
Revocation of later will or codicilEffectEvidence.
Omitted child.
Omitted spouse or omitted domestic partner.
Death of grandparent's issue before grantor.
Lapsed giftProcedure and proof.
Interested witnessEffect on will.
Devise of land, what passes.
Rule in Shelley's Case abolishedFuture distribution or interest to heirs.
Doctrine of Worthier Title abolishedException.
Will to operate on after-acquired property.
No interest on devise unless will so provides.
Intent of testator controlling.
Gift to trust.
Incorporation by reference.
Separate writing may direct disposition of tangible personal propertyRequirements.
Filing of original will with court before death of testator.
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