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RCW 43.01.044

Vacations—Accumulation of leave in excess of two hundred forty hours authorized without statement of necessity—Requirements of statement of necessity.

As an alternative, in addition to the provisions of RCW 43.01.040 authorizing the accumulation of vacation leave in excess of two hundred forty hours with the filing of a statement of necessity, vacation leave in excess of two hundred forty hours may also be accumulated as provided in this section but without the filing of a statement of necessity. The accumulation of leave under this alternative method shall be governed by the following provisions:
(1) Each subordinate officer and employee of the several offices, departments, and institutions of state government may accumulate the vacation leave hours between the time two hundred forty hours is accrued and his or her anniversary date of state employment.
(2) All vacation hours accumulated under this section shall be used by the anniversary date and at a time convenient to the employing office, department, or institution. If an officer or employee does not use the excess leave by the anniversary date, then such leave shall be automatically extinguished and considered to have never existed.
(3) This section shall not result in any increase in a retirement allowance under any public retirement system in this state.
(4) Should the legislature revoke any benefits or rights provided under this section, no affected officer or employee shall be entitled thereafter to receive such benefits or exercise such rights as a matter of contractual right.
(5) Vacation leave credit acquired and accumulated under this section shall never, regardless of circumstances, be deferred by the employing office, department, or institution by filing a statement of necessity under the provisions of RCW 43.01.040.
(6) Notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter, on or after July 24, 1983, a statement of necessity for excess leave shall, as [at] a minimum, include the following: (a) The specific number of hours of excess leave; and (b) the date on which it was authorized. A copy of any such authorization shall be sent to the department of retirement systems.
Effective date2017 c 167: See note following RCW 43.01.040.
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