Chapter 41.45 RCW


RCW Sections

41.45.010Intent -- Goals.
41.45.030State actuary to submit information on the experience and financial condition of each retirement system -- Adoption of long-term economic assumptions.
41.45.035Long-term economic assumptions--Investment rate of return assumptions -- Asset value smoothing technique.
41.45.050Contributions to be based on rates established in this chapter -- Allocation formula for contributions.
41.45.060Basic state and employer contribution rates -- Methods used -- Role of council -- Role of state actuary.
41.45.0604Contribution rates -- Law enforcement officers' and firefighters' retirement system plan 2.
41.45.061Required contribution rates for plan 2 members.
41.45.062Annual contribution rate increases -- Employer, state, and plan 2 members.
41.45.0621Plan 1 unfunded accrued actuarial liabilities -- Contributions in addition to RCW 41.45.062 -- Intent.
41.45.0631Washington state patrol retirement system -- Contribution rate -- Allocation of costs.
41.45.067Failure of state or employer to make required contribution -- Resulting increase in contribution rate borne in full by state or employer -- Members' contribution deducted each payroll period.
41.45.070Supplemental rate.
41.45.080Additional contributions may be required.
41.45.090Collection of actuarial data.
41.45.100Pension funding council -- Created.
41.45.110Pension funding council -- Audits required -- Select committee on pension policy.
41.45.120Pension funding work group.
41.45.130Public employees' retirement system plan 2 assets divided -- Assets transferred to school employees' retirement system.
41.45.150Unfunded liabilities--Employer contribution rates.
41.45.155Certain plans 2 and 3 normal costs -- Minimum basic employer contribution rates.
41.45.158Certain plans 2 and 3 normal costs -- Minimum member contribution rates.
41.45.200Contribution rates for certain justices and judges -- Public employees' retirement system.
41.45.203Contribution rates for certain justices and judges -- Teachers' retirement system.
41.45.207Contribution rates for certain district or municipal court judges -- Public employees' retirement system.
41.45.230Pension funding stabilization account -- Creation.
41.45.900Severability -- 1989 c 273.
41.45.902Severability--2001 2nd sp.s. c 11.