Chapter 36.58 RCW


Acquisition of solid waste or recyclable materials sites authorized.
Rules and regulations as to usePenalty.
"Transfer station" defined.
Solid waste handling systems authorizedDisposal sitesContracts for solid waste handling and collection of source separated recyclable materialWaste reduction and recycling.
County may impose fee upon solid waste collection servicesRevenue to fund compliance with comprehensive solid waste management plan.
Solid waste disposalTransfer stations.
Solid waste disposalOwnership of solid wastesResponsibility for handling.
County solid waste facilitiesExempt from municipal taxesCharges to mitigate impactsNegotiation and arbitration.
Contracts with vendors for solid waste handling systems, plants, sites, or facilitiesRequirementsVendor selection procedures.
Solid waste disposal districtAuthorizedBoundariesPowersGoverning body.
Solid waste disposal districtEstablishment, modification, or dissolutionHearingNotice.
Solid waste disposal districtEstablishmentOrdinance.
Solid waste disposal districtPowersRestrictionsFees.
Solid waste disposal districtExcise taxLien for delinquent taxes and penalties.
Solid waste disposal districtExcess levies authorizedGeneral obligation and revenue bonds.
Collection and transportation of recyclable materials by recycling companies or nonprofit entitiesReuse or reclamationApplication of chapter.
Solid waste collection companies: Chapter 81.77 RCW.
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