Chapter 26.26A RCW


Short title2018 c 6.
Authorized courts.
Choice of law.
Data privacy.
Provisions applicable to father-child relationship also applicable to mother-child relationship and vice versa.
Establishment of parent-child relationship.
No discrimination based on marital status of parent.
Consequences of establishing parentage.
Presumption of parentage.
Rule-making authorityRCW 26.26A.115.
Filing feeAssertion of parentage.
Acknowledgment of parentage.
Execution of acknowledgment of parentage.
Denial of parentage.
Acknowledgment or denial of parentageRequirements.
Effect of acknowledgment or denial of parentage.
Filing feeAcknowledgment or denial of parentage.
Ratification of an unchallenged acknowledgment of parentage barred.
Procedure for rescission of an acknowledgment or denial of parentage.
Challenge after expiration of period for rescission.
Procedure for challenge of an acknowledgment or denial of parentage by signatory.
Full faith and credit.
Forms for acknowledgment or denial of parentage.
Release of information relating to an acknowledgment or denial of parentage.
Rule-making authorityRCW 26.26A.200 through 26.26A.265.
DefinitionsGenetic testingRCW 26.26A.300 through 26.26A.355.
ScopeLimitation on use of genetic testing.
Authority to order or deny genetic testing.
Requirements for genetic testing.
Report of genetic testing.
Genetic testing resultsChallenge to results.
Cost of genetic testing.
Additional genetic testing.
Genetic testing when specimen not available.
Genetic testingDeceased individual.
Genetic testingIdentical siblings.
Confidentiality of genetic testingPenalty.
Nature of Proceeding
Proceeding to adjudicate parentageAuthorization.
Standing to maintain proceeding to adjudicate parentage.
Notice of proceeding to adjudicate parentage.
Proceeding to adjudicate parentagePersonal jurisdiction.
Proceeding to adjudicate parentageVenue.
Special Rules for Proceeding to Adjudicate Parentage
Proceeding to adjudicate parentageAdmissibility of results of genetic testing.
Adjudicating parentage of child with alleged genetic parent.
Adjudicating parentage of child with presumed parent.
Adjudicating claim of de facto parentage of child.
Adjudicating parentage of child with acknowledged parent.
Adjudicating parentage of child with adjudicated parent.
Adjudicating parentage of child of assisted reproduction.
Adjudicating competing claims of parentage.
Precluding establishment of parentage by perpetrator of sexual assault.
Hearing and Adjudication
Proceeding to adjudicate parentageTemporary order for child support.
Combining a proceeding to adjudicate parentage with other proceedings.
Proceeding to adjudicate parentageBefore birth of child.
Proceeding to adjudicate parentageChild as partyRepresentation.
Proceeding to adjudicate parentageWithout jury.
Proceeding to adjudicate parentageHearingInspection of records.
Proceeding to adjudicate parentageDismissal for want of prosecutionWithout prejudice.
Order adjudicating parentage.
Binding effect of determination of parentage.
ScopeAssisted reproductionRCW 26.26A.600 through 26.26A.635.
Assisted reproductionParental status of donor.
Parentage of child of assisted reproduction.
Consent to assisted reproduction.
Assisted reproductionLimitation on spouse's dispute of parentage.
Assisted reproductionEffect of certain legal proceedings regarding marriage or domestic partnership.
Assisted reproductionWithdrawal of consent.
Assisted reproductionParental status of deceased individual.
General Requirements
DefinitionsSurrogacy agreementRCW 26.26A.700 through 26.26A.785.
Eligibility to enter gestational or genetic surrogacy agreement.
Requirements of gestational or genetic surrogacy agreementProcess.
Requirements of gestational or genetic surrogacy agreementContent.
Surrogacy agreementEffect of subsequent change of marital status.
Surrogacy agreementInspection of documents.
Surrogacy agreementVenueExclusive, continuing jurisdiction.
Special Rules for Gestational Surrogacy Agreement
Gestational surrogacy agreementTermination.
Gestational surrogacy agreementParentage.
Gestational surrogacy agreementParentage of deceased intended parent.
Gestational surrogacy agreementOrder of parentage.
Gestational surrogacy agreementEffect.
Special Rules for Genetic Surrogacy Agreement
Genetic surrogacy agreementRequirements for validation.
Genetic surrogacy agreementTermination.
Validated genetic surrogacy agreementParentage.
Nonvalidated genetic surrogacy agreementEffect.
Genetic surrogacy agreementParentage of deceased intended parent.
Genetic surrogacy agreementBreach.
DefinitionsInformation about donorRCW 26.26A.800 through 26.26A.825.
ApplicabilityRCW 26.26A.800 through 26.26A.825.
Collection of information about donor.
Information about donorDeclaration regarding identity disclosure to child conceived by assisted reproduction.
Information about donorDisclosure of identifying information and medical history on request of a child conceived by assisted reproductionAccess to nonidentifying medical history.
Information about donorRecordkeeping duty of gamete bank or fertility clinic.
Uniformity of application and construction2018 c 6.
Relation to electronic signatures in global and national commerce act.
Transitional provisionApplicability to pending proceedings.
Effective date2018 c 6.
Arrest without warrant in domestic violence cases: RCW 10.31.100.
Child support enforcement: Chapter 26.18 RCW.
Child support registry: Chapter 26.23 RCW.
Domestic violence prevention: Chapter 26.50 RCW.
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