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WAC 434-180-550

Review of orders regarding stay.

(1) Any party may petition the secretary for review of an initial order granting or denying a motion for a stay of suspension. A petition for review must be in writing and received by the secretary within twenty-one days of service of the initial order. If neither party has requested review within twenty-one days of service, the initial order shall be deemed the final order of the secretary for purposes of RCW 34.05.467.
(2) If the secretary receives a timely petition for review, he or she shall consider the petition promptly. Consideration on review shall be limited to the record of the hearing on stay.
(3) The secretary's order on the petition for review shall be effective upon service unless another date is specified in the order and is final pursuant to RCW 34.05.467. Final disposition of the petition for stay shall not affect subsequent administrative proceedings for suspension or revocation of a license.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 19.34.030, 19.34.040, 19.34.100, 19.34.111 and 19.34.400. WSR 97-24-053, ยง 434-180-550, filed 11/26/97, effective 12/27/97.]
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