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PDFWAC 392-173-015

General duties of the department of social and health services and the superintendent of public instruction.

In recognition of the fact that the department has the immediate statutory duty, authority, and responsibility to establish, maintain, operate, and administer a comprehensive program for the care, custody, control, and education of students at the state schools for the deaf and the blind and early childhood developmental centers; and that the superintendent of public instruction is charged with the responsibility of assisting the state schools so that the educational programs maintained therein shall be comparable to such programs provided for in chapter 392-171 WAC for children with similar aptitudes in local school districts; and that the superintendent of public instruction is appropriated federal funds for these programs from time to time and has the constitutional and statutory authority to supervise all matters pertaining to the public school system, the principal duties of the superintendent of public instruction and department shall be as follows:
(1) The superintendent of public instruction shall cooperate with the department in the exercise of powers granted by law with the objective of assuring each student a free appropriate public education consistent with this chapter;
(2) The superintendent of public instruction shall assist the department regarding the operation and maintenance of educational programs for students in such schools;
(3) The superintendent of public instruction shall seek, allocate, and distribute federal funds made available for these programs on the condition that funds made available for the education of students be expended in compliance with the requirements of this chapter and other state or federal funding conditions; and
(4) The superintendent of public instruction shall provide the department with information and the advice and services of his or her staff necessary to achieve the purpose of this chapter to the extent the same are reasonably available. This part may not be construed to permit the state to reduce medical and other assistance available to students with disabilities, or to alter the eligibility of a student with a disability, under Title V (Maternal and Child Health) or Title XIX (medicaid) of the Social Security Act, to receive services that are also part of a free appropriate public education.
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