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PDFWAC 388-76-10540

Resident rightsDisclosure of fees and chargesNotice requirementsDeposits.

(1) The adult family home must complete the department's disclosure of charges form and provide a copy to each resident admitted to the home.
(2) If the adult family home requires an admission fee, deposit, prepaid charges, or any other fees or charges, by or on behalf of a person seeking admission, the home must give the resident full disclosure in writing in a language the resident understands prior to its receipt of any funds.
(3) The disclosure must include:
(a) A statement of the amount of any admissions fees, security deposits, prepaid charges, minimum stay fees, or any other fees or charges specifying what the funds are paid for and the basis for retaining any portion of the funds if the resident dies, is hospitalized, transferred, or discharged from the home;
(b) The home's advance notice or transfer requirements; and
(c) The amount of the security deposits, admission fees, prepaid charges, minimum stay fees, or any other fees or charges that the home will refund to the resident if the resident leaves the home.
(4) The home must ensure that the resident and home sign and date an acknowledgement in writing stating that the resident has received a disclosure required under subsection (2) of this section. The home must retain a copy of the disclosure and acknowledgement.
(5) If the home does not provide the disclosures in subsection (3) to the resident, the home must not keep the resident's security deposits, admission fees, prepaid charges, minimum stay fees, or any other fees or charges.
(6) If a resident dies, is hospitalized, or is transferred to another facility for more appropriate care and does not return to the home, the adult family home:
(a) Must refund any deposit or charges paid by the resident less the home's per diem rate for the days the resident actually resided, reserved, or retained a bed in the home regardless of any minimum stay policy or discharge notice requirements;
(b) May keep an additional amount to cover its reasonable and actual expenses incurred as a result of a private-pay resident's move, not to exceed five days per diem charges, unless the resident has given advance notice in compliance with the home's admission agreement; and
(c) Must not require the resident to obtain a refund from a placement agency or person.
(7) The adult family home must not retain funds for reasonable wear and tear by the resident or for any basis that would violate RCW 70.129.150.
(8) The adult family home must provide the resident with any and all refunds due to him or her within thirty days from the resident's date of discharge from the home.
(9) Nothing in this section applies to provisions in contracts negotiated between a home and a certified health plan, health or disability insurer, health maintenance organization, managed care organization, or similar entities.
(10) The home must ensure that any resident admission agreement is consistent with the requirements of this section, chapters 70.128, 70.129, and 74.34 RCW, and other applicable state and federal laws.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 70.128 RCW. WSR 16-20-095, § 388-76-10540, filed 10/4/16, effective 11/4/16; WSR 15-03-037, § 388-76-10540, filed 1/12/15, effective 2/12/15; WSR 12-01-004, § 388-76-10540, filed 12/7/11, effective 1/7/12. Statutory Authority: RCW 70.128.040. WSR 10-03-064, § 388-76-10540, filed 1/15/10, effective 2/15/10. Statutory Authority: RCW 70.128.040 and chapters 70.128 and 74.34 RCW. WSR 07-21-080, § 388-76-10540, filed 10/16/07, effective 1/1/08.]
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