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Chapter 300-12 WAC

Last Update: 10/6/87


WAC Sections

HTMLPDF300-12-010Purposes of certification.
HTMLPDF300-12-015Eligibility for certification.
HTMLPDF300-12-020Equivalency policy.


Purposes of certification.

The purposes of certification of librarians are to:
(1) Secure qualified librarians by setting definite compulsory standards;
(2) Maintain standards within the profession;
(3) Assure that employers can secure competent personnel to deliver library and information services to users.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 27.04.030(10) as amended in 1987. WSR 87-20-071 (Order 87-03), § 300-12-010, filed 10/6/87; Rules (part), filed 4/13/66; Rules (part), filed 3/16/60.]


Eligibility for certification.

The Washington state library commission shall issue librarians' certificates:
(1) Without examination to applicants who are graduates of library/information science schools accredited by the American Library Association.
(2) By examination to:
Applicants who present domestic or foreign college or university transcripts from accredited institutions showing successful completion of a minimum of thirty-six quarter credits or twenty-four semester credits in the professional curriculum. This curriculum shall be in library/information sciences or a closely related program — including, but not limited to, coursework in such areas as reference and bibliography, cataloging and classification, and administration — equivalent to masters degree level work. Applications must include favorable references from employers or instructors — must be library related — indicating the applicant's ability to initiate and carry out effective programs of library service.
The examination for these applicants shall be a formal written one equivalent to that routinely administered to graduating candidates for a masters degree in library and information sciences.
In no case may work experience substitute for education.
The Washington state library commission may delegate any portion of the administration of certification policy (not otherwise specified) to the state librarian.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 27.04.030(10) as amended in 1987. WSR 87-20-071 (Order 87-03), § 300-12-015, filed 10/6/87; Rules (part), filed 4/13/66; Rules (part), filed 3/16/60.]


Equivalency policy.

To test for "attainments and abilities equivalent to those of a library/information science school graduate," the examination process shall reflect the principles of a basic professional curriculum in librarianship. The applicant will be expected to understand the principles and methods of:
(1) Selecting, acquiring, and organizing library materials by means of cataloging and classification;
(2) Reference, bibliography, and public services to various groups;
(3) Administration.
The applicant should be able to perform these and other operations effectively; should be familiar with the literature of the broad subject fields and the sources of bibliographical and factual information; should have an understanding of government, social institutions and the role of the library in a democratic society; and should be able to initiate and carry out suitable programs of library/information science service.
Passing the examination is not to be construed as having earned a masters degree in library/information science.
There shall be no reciprocity with other states certifying librarians.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 27.04.030(10) as amended in 1987. WSR 87-20-071 (Order 87-03), § 300-12-020, filed 10/6/87; Rules (part), filed 4/13/66; Rules (part), filed 3/16/60.]