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PDFWAC 246-924-056


Applicants must successfully complete an organized internship as part of the doctoral degree program described in WAC 246-924-046.
(1) The internship must include at least 1500 hours of supervised experience and be completed within twenty-four months.
(2) The internship program must:
(a) Be accredited by the American Psychological Association; or
(b) Be a member program of the Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers; or
(c) Meet the following requirements:
(i) Organization of the internship program.
(A) The internship must have a written statement or brochure describing the goals and content of the internship, stating clear expectations and quality of student work, and made available to prospective interns.
(B) A psychologist licensed by the appropriate state or provincial licensing authority must be clearly designated as responsible for the integrity and quality of the internship program.
(C) Interns must use titles indicating their training status.
(ii) Content of the internship program.
(A) The internship must be designed to provide a planned sequence of training experiences focusing on breadth and quality of training. Supervision and training related to ethics must be ongoing.
(B) At least twenty-five percent of the internship experience must be in direct client contact providing assessment and intervention services.
(C) For every 40 hours of internship experience, the student must receive:
(I) At least 2 hours of regularly scheduled, formal, face-to-face individual supervision that addresses the direct psychological services provided by the intern; and
(II) At least 2 hours of other learning activities such as case conferences, seminars on applied issues, conducting cotherapy with a staff person including discussion of the case, and group supervision.
(iii) Supervision of the internship experience.
(A) The internship setting must have two or more psychologists available as supervisors, at least one of whom is licensed as a psychologist.
(B) The internship experience must be supervised by the person(s) responsible for the assigned casework.
(I) At least seventy-five percent of the supervision must be by a licensed psychologist with two years post-license experience.
(II) Up to twenty-five percent of the supervision may be completed by the following:
• A psychiatrist(s) with three years experience beyond residency;
• A licensed mental health counselor(s) with five years post-license experience;
• A licensed marriage and family therapist(s) with at least five years post-license experience;
• A licensed advanced social worker(s) or licensed independent clinical social worker(s) with five years post-license experience; or
• A doctoral level psychologist(s) with three years post-doctoral experience who is exempt from licensure under RCW 18.83.200 (1), (2), (3) or (4), if the supervision occurs in the exempt setting.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 18.83.50 [18.83.050]. WSR 07-24-093, § 246-924-056, filed 12/5/07, effective 9/1/09.]
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