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PDFWAC 246-918-260

Physician assistant-surgical assistant (PASA)Use and supervision.

The following section applies to the physician assistant-surgical assistant (PASA) who is not eligible to take the NCCPA certification exam.
(1) Responsibility of PASA. The PASA is responsible for performing only those tasks authorized by the supervising physician(s) and within the scope of PASA practice described in WAC 246-918-250. The PASA is responsible for ensuring his or her compliance with the rules regulating PASA practice and failure to comply may constitute grounds for disciplinary action.
(2) Limitations, geographic. No PASA may be used in a place geographically separated from the institution in which the PASA and the supervising physician are authorized to practice.
(3) Responsibility of supervising physician(s). Each PASA shall perform those tasks he or she is authorized to perform only under the supervision and control of the supervising physician(s). Such supervision and control may not be construed to necessarily require the personal presence of the supervising physician at the place where the services are rendered. It is the responsibility of the supervising physician(s) to ensure that:
(a) The operating surgeon in each case directly supervises and reviews the work of the PASA. Such supervision and review shall include remaining in the surgical suite until the surgical procedure is complete;
(b) The PASA shall wear identification as a "physician assistant-surgical assistant" or "PASA." In all written documents and other communication modalities pertaining to his or her professional activities as a PASA, the PASA shall clearly denominate his or her profession as a "physician assistant-surgical assistant" or "PASA";
(c) The PASA is not presented in any manner which would tend to mislead the public as to his or her title.
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