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PDFWAC 246-843-095

Preceptors for administrator-in-training programs.

The preceptor shall submit a statement to the board describing his or her qualifications and an agreement to perform the duties of a preceptor.
(1) Qualifications of preceptor:
(a) The preceptor must be actively practicing as a nursing home administrator for a duration of no less than three years prior to the submission of the AIT applicant's initial application for an AIT credential.
(b) The preceptor must be employed full time as the nursing home administrator in the facility where the AIT is trained.
(c) The preceptor shall have an unrestricted license.
(2) Duties of the preceptor:
(a) The preceptor shall take the time necessary and have at least a weekly face-to-face conference with the AIT about the activities of the AIT relative to the training program and the nursing home.
(b) The preceptor shall evaluate the AIT and submit quarterly reports to the board on the progress of the AIT program.
(c) The preceptor shall provide learning opportunities that support the AIT's preparation to succeed on the licensure examination and competently assume the responsibilities of a nursing home administrator.
(3) A preceptor is limited to the supervision of only one AIT unless the preceptor has prior approval from the board.
(4) The board may periodically review and evaluate the quality of AIT programs and preceptor performance.
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