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PDFWAC 246-843-090

Administrator-in-training program.

Unless exempt by WAC 246-843-093, an applicant for the original license must complete an administrator-in-training (AIT) program according to this section as part of the original licensure process. The board must approve the AIT program before the applicant may begin the training.
(1) To participate in an AIT program, the applicant must submit to the department of health:
(a) In addition to the original license fee, the AIT program fee required in WAC 246-843-990; and
(b)(i) Information on forms provided by the department showing how the AIT program meets the requirements of subsection (2) of this section.
(ii) If the AIT program is less than 1,500 hours, the applicant must also include a resume and explanation of how the applicant meets the relevant requirements in WAC 246-843-091; and
(c) A statement sent directly by the preceptor on a form provided by the department that describes how the preceptor meets the requirements of WAC 246-843-095.
(2) The AIT program must consist of the following:
(a) Be under the guidance and supervision of a qualified preceptor as described in WAC 246-843-095;
(b) Be designed to provide for individual learning experiences and instruction based upon the person's academic background, training, and experience;
(c) Provide for a broad range of experience with a close working relationship between preceptor and AIT. A sponsoring facility of less than 50 beds will be considered for an AIT program only if there is a board approved plan to broaden the AIT experience with an equal percentage of experience in a larger facility under the guidance and supervision of a qualified preceptor as described in WAC 246-843-095;
(d) Be described in a prospectus signed by the preceptor. The prospectus must include a description of the rotation through departments. The board must approve the prospectus before the AIT program start date.
The prospectus shall include the following components:
(i) A minimum of 90 percent of the required AIT program hours are spent in a rotation through each department of a resident occupied nursing home licensed under chapter 18.51 RCW or a Washington state veterans home established under chapter 72.36 RCW; and
(ii) The remaining 10 percent of the AIT program will include:
(A) A written project assignment including at least one problem-solving assignment to improve the nursing home or nursing home procedures. A description of the project must be submitted in writing to the board and approved before the AIT program start date. The description of the project should indicate the definition of the project and method of approach such as data gathering. A project report that includes possible alternatives, conclusions, and final recommendations to improve the facility or procedure is to be submitted to the board for approval at least 10 days before the scheduled end date of the AIT program;
(B) Planned reading and writing assignments as designated by the preceptor; and
(C) Other planned learning experiences including learning about other health and social services agencies in the community.
(3) Preceptors of approved AIT programs shall submit quarterly reports to the department as follows:
(a) If the approved AIT program has more than one preceptor, each preceptor shall submit a quarterly report.
(b) The preceptor shall submit the final report to the department at least 10 days before the scheduled end date of the AIT program.
(c) Each quarterly report must:
(i) Be on forms provided by the department;
(ii) Describe a detailed outline of AIT activities during the reporting period which includes:
(A) A document completed by the AIT and signed by the preceptor; and
(B) A document completed and signed by the preceptor.
(4) Changes in the AIT program, including a change of preceptor, facility or topic, must be immediately reported in writing to the board. A request for change must be in writing and explain why the change is needed.
(5) A site visit by a board member will take place before the program plan is considered complete.
(6) The AIT program must be completed to the board's satisfaction as a condition of licensure. The board may withdraw approval or alter conditions under which approval was given if the board finds that the approved program has not been or is not being followed.
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