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PDFWAC 246-840-510

Approval of initial (new) in-state nursing education programs.

(1) New nursing education programs must submit a commission approved application for approval to operate a new undergraduate, post-licensure, or graduate nursing education program in Washington state.
(2) Graduate programs changing from a master's degree in nursing to a doctoral of nursing practice degree must submit a substantive change request identified in WAC 246-840-554(3).
(3) The commission shall consider the need, size, type, and geographic location when approving a program.
Phase I: Submission of application and feasibility study
(4) A postsecondary educational institution wishing to establish a nursing education program or additional program in nursing shall submit an application and feasibility study as follows:
(a) Submit to the commission a statement of intent to establish a nursing education program or additional program on a form provided by the commission and a completed feasibility study that includes the following information:
(i) Studies documenting the current and future supply and demand needs for nurses in the area of the proposed nursing education program;
(ii) Purposes and classification of the proposed nursing education program;
(iii) Availability of qualified candidates for the nurse administrator and faculty positions;
(iv) Budgeted nurse administrator and faculty positions over the course of five years;
(v) Source and description of adequate and acceptable clinical or practice facilities for the nursing education program;
(vi) Description of adequate and acceptable academic facilities for the nursing education program;
(vii) Potential effect on other nursing programs within a sixty mile radius of the proposed nursing education program location;
(viii) Evidence of financial resources adequate and acceptable for the planning, implementation, and continuation of the nursing education program for the next five years;
(ix) Anticipated student population;
(x) Tentative time schedule for planning and initiating the nursing education program; and
(xi) Accreditation status of the parent institution.
(b) Respond to the commission's request(s) for additional information.
Phase II: Nursing education program development
(5) Only after receiving commission approval for nursing education program development, the educational institution shall:
(a) Appoint a qualified nurse administrator;
(b) Provide appropriate resources, consultants, and faculty to develop the proposed nursing education program; and
(c) At least three months prior to advertising and admitting students, submit the proposed program plan including the following:
(i) Program purpose and outcomes;
(ii) Organization and administration within the educational institution and within the nursing unit or department including the nurse administrator, faculty, and nursing support staff;
(iii) Resources, facilities, and services for students and faculty;
(iv) Policies and procedures as identified in WAC 246-840-519 (3)(a) through (e);
(v) A plan for hiring and retaining faculty, including qualifications, responsibilities, organizational structure, and faculty/student ratio in classroom, clinical, and practice experiences;
(vi) Curriculum, including course descriptions, course outcomes, and course topical outlines;
(vii) Initial year and five-year sustaining budget;
(viii) Projected plans for the orderly expansion and ongoing evaluation of the program.
(d) If required by the commission, arrange a site visit to the campus to clarify and augment materials included in the written proposed program plan. The visit may be conducted by a representative of the commission before a decision regarding approval is made.
Phase III: Initial approval
(6) The nursing education program may only admit students if it has received initial approval by the commission.
(a) The nursing education program shall submit progress reports as requested by the commission.
(b) Site visits shall be scheduled as deemed necessary by the commission during the period of initial approval. A site survey, conducted by the commission, will determine whether graduates may test for the national council licensing examination (NCLEX) as identified in WAC 246-840-050 or graduate certification exams as identified in WAC 246-840-302 (3)(a), (b), (c) and (d) for advanced registered nurse practice.
Phase IV: Full approval
(7) A self-evaluation report of compliance with the standards for nursing education as identified in WAC 246-840-511 through 246-840-556, shall be submitted to the nursing commission within six months following graduation of the first class.
(a) The commission may conduct a site visit to determine full approval of the nursing education program.
(b) The commission will review the self-evaluation report, survey reports and program outcome data in order to grant or deny full approval of the nursing education program under WAC 246-840-558(1).
[Statutory Authority: RCW 18.79.010, 18.79.110, 18.79.150, 18.79.190, and 18.79.240. WSR 16-17-082, § 246-840-510, filed 8/17/16, effective 9/17/16. Statutory Authority: RCW 18.79.110 and 18.79.150. WSR 05-12-058, § 246-840-510, filed 5/26/05, effective 6/26/05. Statutory Authority: RCW 18.79.110. WSR 95-21-072, § 246-840-510, filed 10/16/95, effective 11/16/95.]
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