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PDFWAC 246-810-015

Agency affiliated counselor: Scope of practice and credentialing requirements.

(1) An agency affiliated counselor may only provide counseling services as part of his or her employment as an agency affiliated counselor for a recognized agency.
(2) An applicant for an agency affiliated counselor must be employed by, or have an offer of employment from, an agency or facility identified in WAC 246-810-016.
(3)(a) Applicants must submit an application to the department within the first thirty days of employment at an agency in order to continue working while the application is processed.
(b) Applicants must complete any outstanding deficiencies within ninety days of the date the department issues a deficiency letter. If the applicant does not satisfy the outstanding licensure requirements within ninety days, the applicant must stop working.
[Statutory Authority: 2019 c 444, 2019 c 446, 2019 c 351, and RCW 18.19.050, 18.205.060, 18.225.040, 43.70.110, and 43.70.250. WSR 20-12-074, § 246-810-015, filed 6/1/20, effective 7/2/20. Statutory Authority: RCW 18.19.050 and chapter 18.19 RCW. WSR 09-15-041, § 246-810-015, filed 7/8/09, effective 7/8/09.]
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