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PDFWAC 246-380-990


An annual health and sanitation survey fee for community colleges, ferries, and other state of Washington institutions and facilities shall be assessed as follows:
(1) Food Service
As defined in WAC 246-215-011(12) food service establishments or concessions in community colleges, ferries, or any other state of Washington facility preparing potentially hazardous foods. This shall include dockside food establishments directly providing food for the Washington state ferry system.
Food service establishments or concessions that do not prepare potentially hazardous foods.
The health and sanitation survey fee referenced in subsection (a) and (b) of this section may be waived provided there is an agreement between the department of health and the local jurisdictional health agency for the local health agency to conduct the food service establishments surveys.
(2) State institutions or facilities.
Institutions or facilities operating a food service: The annual fee shall be nine dollars and fifty cents times the population count plus six hundred three dollars and thirty cents. The population count shall mean the average daily population for the past twelve months (January through December).
Institutions or facilities that do not operate a food service: The annual fee shall be nine dollars and fifty cents times the population count.
The population count for a new institution shall mean the average projected daily population for the first twelve months of operation.
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