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PDFWAC 246-272A-0270

Operation, monitoring, and maintenance—Owner responsibilities.

(1) The OSS owner is responsible for operating, monitoring, and maintaining the OSS to minimize the risk of failure, and to accomplish this purpose, shall:
(a) Obtain approval from the local health officer before repairing, altering or expanding an OSS;
(b) Secure and renew contracts for periodic maintenance where required by the local health jurisdiction;
(c) Obtain and renew operation permits if required by the local health jurisdiction;
(d) Assure a complete evaluation of the system components and/or property to determine functionality, maintenance needs and compliance with regulations and any permits:
(i) At least once every three years for all systems consisting solely of a septic tank and gravity SSAS;
(ii) Annually for all other systems unless more frequent inspections are specified by the local health officer;
(e) Employ an approved pumper to remove the septage from the tank when the level of solids and scum indicates that removal is necessary;
(f) Provide maintenance and needed repairs to promptly return the system to a proper operating condition;
(g) Protect the OSS area and the reserve area from:
(i) Cover by structures or impervious material;
(ii) Surface drainage, and direct drains, such as footing or roof drains. The drainage must be directed away from the area where the OSS is located;
(iii) Soil compaction, for example by vehicular traffic or livestock; and
(iv) Damage by soil removal and grade alteration;
(h) Keep the flow of sewage to the OSS at or below the approved operating capacity and sewage quality;
(i) Operate and maintain systems as directed by the local health officer;
(j) Request assistance from the local health officer upon occurrence of a system failure or suspected system failure; and
(k) At the time of property transfer, provide to the buyer, maintenance records, if available, in addition to the completed seller disclosure statement in accordance with chapter 64.06 RCW for residential real property transfers.
(2) Persons shall not:
(a) Use or introduce strong bases, acids or chlorinated organic solvents into an OSS for the purpose of system cleaning;
(b) Use a sewage system additive unless it is specifically approved by the department; or
(c) Use an OSS to dispose of waste components atypical of sewage from a residential source.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.20.050. WSR 05-15-119, § 246-272A-0270, filed 7/18/05, effective 7/1/07.]
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