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Chapter 246-233 WAC

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WAC Sections

HTMLPDF246-233-001Purpose and scope.
HTMLPDF246-233-005Ownership of radioactive material.
HTMLPDF246-233-010General licenses—Source material.
HTMLPDF246-233-012General license for certain items and self-luminous products containing radium-226.
HTMLPDF246-233-020Certain detecting, measuring, gauging, or controlling devices and certain devices for producing light or an ionized atmosphere.
HTMLPDF246-233-025General license—Luminous safety devices for aircraft.
HTMLPDF246-233-030General license—Ice detection devices.
HTMLPDF246-233-035General license—Calibration and reference sources.
HTMLPDF246-233-040General license for use of radioactive material for certain in vitro clinical or laboratory testing.
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