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PDFWAC 230-03-408

Applying for sports wagering prelicensing investigation.

(1) Any individual or organization anticipating applying for a future license to provide equipment and/or services for sports wagering pursuant to a tribal-state compact may apply for a prelicensing investigation.
(2) To apply, the applicant and each substantial interest holder will go through a prelicensing investigation to determine if the applicant and substantial interest holders are initially qualified.
(3) It is the responsibility of each applicant and persons who have a substantial interest therein to establish by clear and convincing evidence the necessary qualifications.
(4) A prelicensing investigation of the applicant includes, but is not limited to:
(a) Identification of all substantial interest holders of the applicant; and
(b) Conducting a criminal history background investigation on all substantial interest holders; and
(c) Verification that cash, goods or services for the startup of the operations or the continuation of the business is from a qualified source; and
(d) Compliance with all other applicable rules and laws.
(5) You are required to complete an online application, submit any required supplemental documentation, and submit a five thousand dollar deposit for us to begin the prelicensing investigation process.
(6) We may request additional information during our prelicensing investigation. All work will stop until we receive the requested information. You must provide us with the required items within thirty days of notification or we will administratively close your prelicensing application.
(7) You must pay all costs associated with the prelicensing investigation.
(a) We will give you an estimate of the anticipated costs based on the information we have received at that time.
(b) You will be asked to pay the additional deposit to cover the anticipated costs, such as staff time to conduct the prelicensing investigation, travel time, and travel costs.
(c) We may amend our estimate during our prelicensing investigation process.
(d) You will have thirty days to submit any additional balance requested. We will not work on the application until we have received all funds requested. Failure to pay the balance within the required time frame will result in administrative closure of the application and all unused funds will be refunded.
(e) We will stop the prelicensing investigation process if the cost of our investigation exceeds the balance and request additional funds to cover the anticipated costs to continue our investigation. We will resume work upon receipt of the requested deposit to cover anticipated costs to complete the investigation.
(f) Any unused funds will be refunded.
(g) We will retain funds to cover all costs incurred if you withdraw your application or if your application is denied.
(8) Upon completion of a prelicensing investigation, a determination regarding an applicant's qualification will be made. Applicants who are qualified will receive a prelicensing investigation approval from us stating the determination is made based on the information and representations made by the applicant up to that date.
(9) Applicants are required to provide notice of any changes to the organization or substantial interest holders after a prelicensing investigation approval has been issued and will be required to pay for any additional investigation costs.
(10) A prelicensing investigation approval is not a sports wagering license. You must apply for a sports wagering license once a sports wagering tribal-state compact(s) and future licensing rules are effective.
(11) Prelicensing investigation approval will be valid for one year from the date of issuance. The term of this approval can be extended by the director or designee if the year term is about to expire and sports wagering licensing rules are not in effect.
(12) Applicants who are determined to be unqualified to receive a prelicensing investigation approval will be given the following options:
(a) Have thirty days to correct the issue that keeps them from being qualified; or
(b) Withdraw their application; or
(c) Receive an application denial.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 9.46.070, 9.46.075, and 9.46.153. WSR 21-06-067, ยง 230-03-408, filed 2/26/21, effective 3/29/21.]
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