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PDFWAC 181-79A-206

Academic and experience requirements for certificationTeachers.

Candidates for teachers' certificates shall complete the following requirements in addition to those set forth in WAC 181-79A-150.
(1) Initial/residency.
Candidates for the initial or residency certificate shall hold an approved baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university pursuant to WAC 181-79A-030(5).
(2) Continuing.
(a) Candidates who apply for a continuing certificate shall have at least forty-five quarter hours (thirty semester hours) of upper division and/or graduate work completed from an accredited institution of higher education subsequent to the conferral of the baccalaureate degree: Provided, That if the individual is pursuing study in a new subject matter area or specialization, lower division (freshmen or sophomore level) credit hours in that subject area or specialization shall be accepted toward continuing certification upon completion of the requirements for an endorsement in that subject area or specialization.
(b) Candidates applying for a continuing certificate prior to September 1, 2000, shall have been granted at least two subject area endorsements.
(c) Candidates who apply for a continuing certificate who have not successfully completed course work or an in-service program on issues of abuse, must complete the abuse course work requirement as defined in WAC 181-79A-030(6).
(d) Candidates for continuing teachers' certificates shall provide documentation of one hundred eighty days or full-time equivalent or more satisfactory teaching experience with an authorized employeri.e., school district, state agency, college or university, private school, or private school systemand at least thirty days of such employment with the same employer.
(3) Professional.
(a) Candidates for the professional certificate shall have successfully completed the external portfolio of evidence assessment adopted by the professional educator standards board. The professional certificate requires successful demonstration of the three standards (effective teaching, professional development, and professional contributions) and twelve criteria, pursuant to WAC 181-79A-207.
(i) A candidate may submit a portfolio of evidence to the external assessment for evaluation following two years of successful teaching in a state-approved public, private or state operated education program for children as defined in Title 28A RCW: Provided, the candidate was employed at least three-quarters time each year or a total of one and one-half full-time equivalent over a minimum of two years as defined in WAC 392-121-212. The portfolio assessment elements shall be determined by the professional educator standards board and include requirements for the candidates to prepare and submit a professional growth plan approved and supported by a professional growth team.
(ii) A professional growth plan identifying the specific competencies, knowledge, skills and experiences needed to meet the standards set forth in WAC 181-79A-207 is prepared by the candidate for a professional certificate, in collaboration with members of the professional growth team. The candidate will identify a professional growth team as defined in WAC 181-79A-030(14).
(iii) Teacher professional certificate portfolio evidence of assessment pilot participants who have not attended a program but received a "met criteria" on all entries submitted to the pilot assessment would receive the professional certificate and not be required to attend a program.
(b) Provided, individuals who hold a teaching certificate issued by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) shall be deemed to have met the requirements of the professional certificate, in place of the requirements in (a) of this subsection.
(c) Candidates who apply for a professional certificate who have not successfully completed course work or an in-service program on issues of abuse, must complete the abuse course work requirement as defined in WAC 181-79A-030(6).
(d) Candidates who have successfully completed the requirements for the professional certificate prior to the expiration of their residency certificate which would subject them to reinstatement according to WAC 181-79A-251 (1)(a)(iii) but failed to apply for the certificate may apply for the professional certificate.
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