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WAC 173-182-324

Planning standards for Group 5 Oils.

(1) Plan holders carrying, handling, storing, or transporting Group 5 Oils must have a contract with a PRC that maintains the resources and/or capabilities necessary to respond to a spill of Group 5 Oils. Such equipment shall include, but is not limited to, the following:
(a) Sonar, sampling equipment or other methods to locate the oil on the bottom or suspended in the water column;
(b) Containment boom, sorbent boom, silt curtains, or other methods for containing the oil that may remain floating on the surface or to reduce spreading on the bottom;
(c) Dredges, pumps, or other equipment necessary to recover oil from the bottom and shoreline;
(d) Equipment necessary to assess the impact of such discharges; and
(e) Other appropriate equipment necessary to respond to a discharge involving the type of oil handled, stored, or transported.
(2) The equipment must be capable of being on scene within twelve hours of spill notification.
[Statutory Authority: Chapters 88.46, 90.48, 90.56 RCW, and 2011 c 122. WSR 13-01-054 (Order 11-06), ยง 173-182-324, filed 12/14/12, effective 1/14/13.]
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