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Title 392 WAC

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392-100Definitions, general provisions, and rules of construction.
392-101Superintendent of public instruction—Administrative practices and procedures.
392-105Superintendent of public instruction—Access to public records.
392-107Educational service districts—Election of board members.
392-109State board of education—Election of members.
392-115Finance—Audit resolution process.
392-117Timely reporting.
392-120Finance—University of Washington transition school and early entrance program allocations.
392-121Finance—General apportionment.
392-122Finance—Categorical apportionment.
392-123Finance—School district budgeting.
392-124Finance—National Guard youth challenge apportionment.
392-125Finance—Educational service district budgeting.
392-126Finance—Partnerships among small school districts.
392-127Finance—Certificated instructional staff ratio (46:1000) compliance.
392-129Finance—Emergency school closure.
392-132Finance—Nonhigh participatory finance—Including transfer of M and O levy authority from high to nonhigh districts.
392-134Finance—Apportionment for part-time public school attendance.
392-135Finance—Interdistrict cooperation programs.
392-136Finance—Conversion of accumulated sick leave.
392-136AFinance—Shared leave.
392-137Finance—Nonresident attendance.
392-138Finance—Associated student body moneys.
392-139Finance—Enrichment Levies.
392-140Finance—Special allocations.
392-141Transportation—State allocation for operations.
392-142Transportation—Replacement and depreciation allocation.
392-143Transportation—Specifications for school buses.
392-144School bus driver qualifications.
392-145Transportation—Operation rules.
392-151Traffic safety—School safety patrol.
392-153Traffic safety—Driver education.
392-157Child nutrition—Practices and procedures.
392-160Special service program—Transitional bilingual.
392-162Special service program—Learning assistance.
392-164Special services program—Chapter 1 Migrant of the Education Consolidation and Improvement Act of 1981, financial assistance to state educational agencies.
392-168Special service programs—Citizen complaint procedure for certain categorical federal programs.
392-169Special service programs—Running start program.
392-170Special service program—Highly capable students.
392-172ARules for the provision of special education.
392-173Special education programs—DSHS students.
392-182Student—Health records.
392-183ALoss of eligibility—Student athletic participation.
392-184Reentry to common schools—Educational clinic and other students.
392-185Certified educational clinics—Distribution of state funds.
392-190Equal educational opportunity—Unlawful discrimination prohibited.
392-191School personnel—Evaluation of the professional performance capabilities.
392-191AProfessional growth and evaluation of school personnel.
392-192Professional development programs.
392-194School personnel certificate fees.
392-195School personnel—In-service training program.
392-198Training—School employees—HIV/AIDS.
392-202School personnel—Excellence in education awards.
392-204Library media centers.
392-210Student testing and evaluation—Washington state honors award program.
392-300Fingerprint record checks—Access to records—Privacy.
392-320School personnel—Administrator internship program.
392-335Pupils—Uniform entry qualifications.
392-340School district organization.
392-341State assistance in providing school plant facilities—Preliminary provisions.
392-342State assistance in providing school plant facilities—Educational specifications and site selection.
392-343State funding assistance in providing school plant facilities—Basic state support.
392-344State assistance in providing school plant facilities—Procedural regulations.
392-345State funding assistance in providing school plant facilities—Interdistrict cooperation in financing school plant construction.
392-346State funding assistance in providing school plant facilities—Interdistrict transportation cooperatives.
392-347State funding assistance in providing school plant facilities—Modernization.
392-348Secondary education.
392-349Small school plants.
392-380Public school pupils—Immunization requirement and life-threatening health condition.
392-400Student discipline.
392-401Statewide definition of absence, excused and unexcused.
392-405Harassment, intimidation and bullying.
392-410Courses of study and equivalencies.
392-415Secondary education—Standardized high school transcript.
392-500Pupil testing and recordkeeping—Requirements—Parents' rights.
392-501Academic achievement, accountability and assessment.
392-502Online learning—Approval of multidistrict online providers.
392-503Required action districts.
392-600Washington state skill center rules.
392-700Dropout reengagement.
392-725College in the high school rules.
392-800State-tribal education compact schools.
392-900Pilot grant programs.
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