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Proceedings for judicial confirmationAuthorization.

The board of directors of an irrigation district, now or hereafter organized under the provisions of this chapter, may commence a special proceeding in and by which the proceedings for organizing such district or the proceedings of said board and of said district, providing for and authorizing the issue and sale of the bonds or refunding bonds of said district whether said bonds or refunding bonds or any of them have or have not then been sold or any contract entered or proposed to be entered into by the district, or any contract made or entered into, or to be made or entered into, for the payment of moneys to the United States or the state of Washington in connection with which bonds be not deposited with the United States or the state of Washington as provided in RCW 87.03.140, may be judicially examined, approved and confirmed.
There may be combined with the proceeding for the confirmation of the organization and formation of said district, either of the other confirmation proceedings above mentioned.
[ 1931 c 60 § 6; 1921 c 129 § 45; 1917 c 162 § 17; 1915 c 179 § 27; 1889-90 p 703 § 73; RRS § 7499. Formerly RCW 87.08.190.]


Refunding bonds, 1929 actJudicial confirmation: RCW 87.22.280.
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