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Adding lands to districtElectionNoticeHow conducted.

Upon the adoption of the resolution mentioned in RCW 87.03.585, the board shall order that an election be held within said district, to determine whether the boundaries of the district shall be changed as mentioned in said resolution; and shall fix the time at which such election shall be held, and shall cause notice thereof to be given and published. Such notice shall be given and published, and such election shall be held and conducted, the returns thereof shall be made and canvassed, and the result of the election ascertained and declared, and all things pertaining thereto conducted, in the manner prescribed by *this act in case of a special election to determine whether bonds of an irrigation district shall be issued. The ballots cast at said election shall contain the words "For change of boundary," or "Against change of boundary," or words equivalent thereto. The notice of election shall describe the proposed change of the boundaries in such manner and terms that it can readily be traced.
[1889-90 p 697 s 54; RRS s 7481. Formerly RCW 87.44.070.]


*Reviser's note: "This act" appears to refer to 1889-90 p. 697.
Official paper for publication: RCW 87.03.020.
Special election for the issue of bonds: RCW 87.03.200.
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