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Assessment roll to be filedNotice of equalization.

On or before the first Tuesday in September in each year to and including the year 1923, and on or before the first Tuesday in November beginning with the year 1924 and each year thereafter, the secretary must complete his or her assessment roll and deliver it to the board, who must immediately give a notice thereof, and of the time the board of directors, acting as a board of equalization will meet to equalize assessments, by publication in a newspaper published in each of the counties comprising the district. The time fixed for the meeting shall not be less than twenty nor more than thirty days from the first publication of the notice, and in the meantime the assessment roll must remain in the office of the secretary for the inspection of all persons interested.
[ 2013 c 23 § 496; 1921 c 129 § 12; 1919 c 180 § 9; 1895 c 165 § 10; 1889-90 p 682 § 20; RRS § 7438. Formerly RCW 87.32.030.]
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