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Post-organization district electionsStatement of result of electionCertificate of election.

The secretary of the board of directors must, as soon as the result is declared, enter in the records of such board a statement of such result, which statement must show:
(1) The whole number of votes cast in the district;
(2) The name of the persons voted for;
(3) The office to fill which each person was voted for;
(4) The number of votes given in each precinct to each of such persons;
(5) The number of votes given in each precinct for and against any proposition voted upon.
The board of directors must declare elected the person having the highest number of votes given for each office. The secretary must immediately make out, and deliver to such person a certificate of election signed by him or her and authenticated by the seal of the district.
[ 2013 c 23 § 491; 1913 c 165 § 4; 1895 c 165 § 4; 1889-90 p 676 § 10; RRS § 7427. Formerly RCW 87.01.190.]


Statement of result covering both absentee and regular ballots: RCW 87.03.034.
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