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Utilization of public lands for outdoor recreational and other beneficial public usesState agency cooperation.

In order to maximize outdoor recreation opportunities for the people of the state of Washington and allow for the full utilization of state owned land, all state departments and agencies are authorized and directed to cooperate together in fully utilizing the public lands. All state departments and agencies, vested with statutory authority for utilizing land for outdoor recreation or other beneficial public uses, are authorized and directed to apply to another state department or agency holding suitable public lands for permission of use. The department or agency applied to is authorized and directed to grant permission of use to the applying department or agency if the public use of the public land would be consistent with the existing and continuing principal uses. Trust lands may be withdrawn for outdoor recreation purposes from sale or lease for other purposes by the department of natural resources pursuant to this section subject to the constraints imposed by the Washington state Constitution and the federal enabling statute. The decision regarding such consistency with existing and continuing principal uses shall be made by the agency owning or controlling such lands and which decision shall be final.
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