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Prehospital trauma care serviceVerificationComplianceVariance.

(1) Any provider desiring to provide a verified prehospital trauma care service shall indicate on the licensing application how they meet the standards required for verification as a provider of this service. The department shall notify the regional emergency medical services and trauma care councils of the providers of verified trauma care services in their regions. The department may conduct on-site reviews of prehospital providers to assess compliance with the applicable standards.
(2) Should the department determine that a prehospital provider is substantially out of compliance with the standards, the department shall notify the regional emergency medical services and trauma care council. If the failure of a prehospital provider to comply with the applicable standards results in the region being out of compliance with its regional plan, the council shall take such steps necessary to assure the region is brought into compliance within a reasonable period of time. The council may seek assistance and funding from the department and others to provide training or grants necessary to bring a prehospital provider into compliance. The council may appeal to the department for modification of the regional plan if it is unable to assure continued compliance with the regional plan. The department may authorize modification of the plan if such modifications meet the requirements of this chapter. The department may suspend or revoke the authorization of a prehospital provider to provide a verified prehospital service if the provider has refused or been unable to comply after a reasonable period of time has elapsed. The council shall be notified promptly of any revocations or suspensions. Any prehospital provider whose verification has been suspended or revoked may request a hearing to review the action by the department as provided for in chapter 34.05 RCW.
(3) The department may grant a variance from provisions of this section if the department determines: (a) That no detriment to public health and safety will result from the variance, and (b) compliance with provisions of this section will cause a reduction or loss of existing prehospital services. Variances may be granted for a period not to exceed one year. A variance may be renewed by the department. If a renewal is granted, a plan of compliance shall be prepared specifying steps necessary to bring a provider or region into compliance and expected date of compliance.
(4) This section shall not restrict the authority of a provider licensed under Title 18 RCW to provide services which it has been authorized to provide by state law.
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