Chapter 70.168 RCW



70.168.010Legislative finding.
70.168.020Steering committeeCompositionAppointment.
70.168.030Analysis of state's trauma systemPlan.
70.168.040Emergency medical services and trauma care system trust account.
70.168.050Emergency medical services and trauma care systemDepartment to establishRule makingGifts.
70.168.060Department dutiesTimelines.
70.168.070Provision of trauma care serviceDesignation.
70.168.080Prehospital trauma care serviceVerificationComplianceVariance.
70.168.090Statewide data registryStatewide electronic emergency medical services data systemQuality assurance programConfidentiality.
70.168.100Regional emergency medical services and trauma care councils.
70.168.110Planning and service regions.
70.168.120Local and regional emergency medical services and trauma care councilsPower and duties.
70.168.130Disbursement of funds to regional emergency medical services and trauma care councilsGrants to nonprofit agenciesPurposes.
70.168.135Grant program for designated trauma care servicesRules.
70.168.140Prehospital provider liability.
70.168.150Emergency cardiac and stroke care systemVoluntary hospital participation.
70.168.160Report to the legislature.
70.168.170Ambulance servicesWork groupPatient transportationMental health or chemical dependency services.
70.168.900Short title.